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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Mystic India

Has anyone watched this film "Mystic India"? If you did, you will know why I get so excited talking about it. Wonderful movie, that rediscovers India in a way that is truly enchanting.

What has that to do with my art work? Everything. I am always inspired by the art of India in our day to day life. Be it a mehandi pattern or a rangoli design, the intricate patterns and vivid colors always amaze me.  There was this scene/image from the film that caught my eye. I couldn't resist its grandeur and wanted to bring it close to me in the form of this acrylic canvas painting. There was a picture of it on their website. Being just an amateur, I could not do complete justice to this painting but really enjoyed making it. This is a 40''x30'' canvas. I guess I got too excited getting this large of a canvas because I have never done this large painting, for that matter, I have not even done that many smaller ones.

Here is a detail:


  1. Oh my god, this is brilliant!! What is the medium? I love it.. Wish i could recreate!

  2. @cumincoriandercardamom:
    Thanks for your comments. It is acrylic on canvas.