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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Black and White Wednesday - Week# 44

One day as I was wandering around the web not looking for anything specific I came across the Susan's The Well-seasoned cook blog.  She has such a nice blog and lovely recipes that I am sure to try. Learning that she was hosting this Black and White and also accepting guest hosts for this event, I was excited.  Love the way she promptly responded and gladly accepted my request. So here I am hosting my first event :-) 

Did I say how excited I am? And that this is my first event? .. 

As Susan mentioned clearly:

 As usual, there are no restrictions. Your photo needn't be of food, but anything of a culinary nature, from a stack of dishes to a restaurant storefront. You can also submit more than one photo per week, but do ensure that the photos are distinct from each other so that the gallery will represent as much diversity as possible.

Make sure the pics are 600 x 400 px. Please mention the event and link to this announcement in your post.

So, all my talented fellow bloggers, click-away the pics in Black and White and send it to me at by the end of Monday, August 6th (I am in Central Time Zone). I will post the pics as early as I can on Wednesday, August 8th.

Note that I am hosting this event for the Week# 44 which is August 8th. If you want to participate earlier or later than Week# 44 check the Susan's host line-up.  

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  1. happy hosting sending my entry