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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Badhusha - Indian sweet

Your source is your mother for many recipes. Apart from the daily meals, those special occasion treats like, Adhirasam, Mysore pak, Murukku, etc. especially remind you of mother, home and everything around that. I don't remember my mom making much Badhusha. But I know the few times she made them, they were pretty good. But you know how moms are, eye balling everything. For a tricky item like Badhusha, I needed exact measurements. I ended up at this site, which had all the ingredients my mom was referring to, only better with the exact measure. She even had video on how to make the ends. Nice of her. I tried it, exactly the way it was explained and ended with awesome badhusha that suprised me. I didn't expect them to be this good, this being the first time making them. So the entire credit goes to Rak's Kitchen.

The final shape may not be as impressive as Rak's Kitchen, but hey.. this is good for my first try .....


  1. Hi Kay, Thanks so much for trying and all those nice words in your post :) It has come out very nice :) Thanks for the feedback and your links :)